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Make Impact Your Startup Business

Do you have 100 hours of spare time for the next 100 days?

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Impact + Business

Create a future proof startup that can keep itself alive. And one you can be proud of. Start now.

If they could do it, so can you.

This team built the next mobile energy system for rural Africa. They didn't quit their day-time jobs. They didn't start with a brilliant idea. They didn't have start capital. But they wanted to employ their skills to a massive problem. Here is their story after 400 days.

Award-Winning and University Endorsed

The Moonwalk system was developed in learning partnership with 60+ global brands. It has helped 1,500 people create startups with $2bn annual turnover.

Moonwalk is endorsed by Norwegian University of Science and Technology and received the International Management Consulting Award and several national Competency Awards. 

Moonwalk's online action plans and tools lets anyone make their perfect startup in 100 days. Start now or learn more.

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