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Moonwalk Funds solve our planet's grand challenges. They incubate a proprietary dealflow of early stage startups to multiply their impact+business potentials. In a true de-risked portfolio and with access to a pool of vetted people. With unparalleled synergies and leverage.

Good could be great 

Moonwalk's Materclass brings innovation from Zero to One. It is the job of Moonwalk Fund and investors and vetted teams to bring it from One to 100. 

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Investors are as unique as entrepreneurs. Contact us to discuss your options to get involved.

Tomorrow is for innovators. Kickstart your future with real world action.

Paint the Planet in Impact Colours 

Moonwalk releases the creativity that already reside in us. To co-create beyond individual reach. To break the shackles of uncertainty and unpredictability. To overturn false limiting beliefs.

We provide the maps and the tools and act as guides so anyone can experience the freedom to create the future and enjoy the transformative power of good business.

Born in Scandinavia. Developed in learning partnership with 60+ global brands. Connects 10,000 people and helps 1,500 people and corporates create businesses now boasting $2bn annual turnover.

Endorsed by Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Accepted the International Management Consulting Award and multiple Competency Awards. Accredited as of exceptional potential and strategic imperative to our time by UK Department for International Trade. Multiple Seals-of-Excellence from the European Commission.

Now growing into new geographies from London. 

How will you make impact your business? 

- Team Moonwalk

Innovations and startups die when too few know about them

Grasp those opportunities you are looking for. We have the means to promote you and help you reach a bigger audience. So you can move forward and earn success faster.

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