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Your 100 Days Startup

Why 100 days are all you need to build your startup

Can you develop the right business idea in 100 days?

Can you prove your business model in 100 days?

Can you launch your business in 100 days?

Can you grow your business in 100 days?


If you can't  –  then you are wasting time, money or good people.


Energy is finite

If you spill energy - it will find other paths. If you don't harness collected energy, it will soon evaporate. So also with the energy required to make any startup.


100 days sprints

Any leader gets 100 days to show off new direction. 100 day semesters is what earned you a degree. Anything of importance that is urgent finds its conclusion within 100 days. Break your startup plan into 100 day sprints with a clear end goal. Commit people and money to those sprints. Commit to 2 to 4 week milestones up front.

This is how you move your startup - and the world - forward.


With Moonwalk, anyone can develop their perfect startup in 100 days sprints. Without quitting their day job until it's time to jump ship.


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