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Moonwalk Academy: Unfair Advantages #01

Find your Unfair Advantages in 10 minutes

New opportunity is built from new insight. To surface new insights, you'll need the right questions. 

Unfair Advantages are what you have, know or can do better than most. Unfair Advantages can be used to solve customer pains or to serve their aspirations.

Team up with a buddy and follow the text instructions.


Unfair Advantage #01: Through their eyes

Pick a few names from the below list and make your discoveries. Answer for each of your selected names: What would she/he/it envy you and why?

Name list:

(a) Elon Musk (b) Richard Branson (c) Tim Cook (d) A Silicon Valley tech startup team (e) A University student (f) The Government (g) A charity organisation (h) A StartUp accelerator (i) A Venture Capital Firm (j) China.


Use post-it notes or similar. One stand-alone statement per note. Find as many answers as you can within a few minutes. Stop when you have no more answers to the question. Then take away notes that are not actionable (you cannot use the statements to take action).

What you then have in front of you are potential Big Pains of market segments to target with your product or business.


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