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Moonwalk Academy: Big Pains #09

Find Your Market in 10 minutes · Big Pains Question #09

New opportunity is built from new insight. To surface new insights, you'll need the right questions.

Big Pains are the biggest worries, struggles or aspirations of people or organisations in your market. If we know who is hurting and really understand why, we can serve them better than anyone.


Big Pains Question #09: The only thing I care about is...

Q1. Find or make a list of imaginary archetypal people relevant for your industry domain, we'll call them personas.

Q2. From your Persona list: Select any 3 you are familiar with (their problems and aspirations)

Q3. Find the 1 thing this persona really cares about in format 'The only thing X cares about is...'

Q4. For each of your Personas: What would it take to cure their Big Pain?


Use post-it notes or similar. One statement per note. Find as many answers as you can within a few minutes. Stop when you have no more answers to the question. Then take away notes that are not actionable (you cannot use the statements to take action).

What you then have in front of you are your insights into worries, struggles, and aspirations of your potential market. You can now qualify and improve your Big Pains insights in dialogue with potential customers.


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