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100 Hours Startup (1st stage)

No idea? No money? No team? No experience? No problem. Anyone can make an iconic startup concept from what they already have and know in 100 hours with this step-by-step course.


Who is this for?

Solo or team first-timers or experienced entrepreneurs looking to develop and grow faster and cheaper and with less uncertainty. Either starting from scratch or from an early stage of development.


Learn by doing in 7 steps

[1] Prepare your startup journey.

[2] Discover your Unfair Advantages to build upon.

[3] Find Markets' Big Pains to serve.

[4] Turn Domain Orthodoxies to your advantage.

[5] Apply success formulas of Industry Disruptors.

[6] Formulate a mission for long term impact and profit.

[7] Craft a compelling startup concept.



7 step plan from clean slate to compelling startup concept with clear strategy:

[x] Step-by-step video and text instructions with examples.

[x] Best-Practice Case to emulate.

[x] Online workboards with cue cards.

[x] Access to Online Community with weekly Q&A sessions.

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