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100 Hours Proof-of-Operations (3rd stage)

Can we do it? Develop a turn-key operating model and test for sustainability. With this step-by-step proof-of-operations course anyone can test the feasibility of a business concept in 100 hours.


Who is this for?

Solo or team first-timers or experienced entrepreneurs looking to develop and test their early stage sales, production and delivery operations.


Learn by doing

Develop and test a turn-key operations model in 6 steps:

[1] Distinct marketing model.

[2] Distinct sales model.

[3] Distinct production model.

[4] Distinct delivery model.

[5] Distinct revenue model.

[6] Distinct partner model.



6 step plan from qualified market attractiveness and tech feasibility to a small scale proven turn-key operation with minimum of resources to confidently put more time and resources into further development:

[x] Step-by-step video and text instructions with examples for marketing and sales operations, production and delivery development, revenue model and partnership development.

[x] Best-Practice Case to emulate.

[x] Online workboards with cue cards.

[x] Access to Online Community with weekly Q&A sessions.

[x] Mapping for impact+business potential.

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