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100 Hours Proof-of-Scalability

Will it be worth it? Develop a turn-key growth model and test for scale and sustainability. With this step-by-step proof-of-scalability course anyone can test the scalability of a business concept in 100 hours.


Scale Your Impact Startup

Who is it for?

Solo or team first-timers or experienced entrepreneurs looking to grow their early stage sales, production and deliveries and target new markets.



6 step plan from qualified market attractiveness and tech feasibility to a tested turn-key growth model with minimum of resources to confidently put more time and resources into entering new markets and scaling your startup.

Learn by doing

Prepare your startup journey.

[1] Distinct marketing growth model.

[2] Distinct sales growth model.

[3] Distinct production growth model.

[4] Distinct delivery growth model.

[5] Distinct revenue growth model.

[6] Distinct market growth model.

Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step video and text instructions with examples for turn-key growth of marketing, sales, production, delivery, revenue, and new market entry.

Best-Practice Case to emulate

It is always easier to walk in the footsteps of someone before you than to break new paths. See how Jo and his Pawa team solved each step of their plan. And keep Pawa's output as reference throughout your work.

Action Plan handbook

Download the complete guide to your 100 hours proof-of-scalability and keep as reference.

Online workboards with cue cards

The templates for your work have been tested over 15 years. We put them online, so you can do work from anywhere and share with anyone. This is the very same Pawa used. And we use for all our startups first 100 days.

Access to Online Community with weekly Q&A sessions

Connect with those who have walked the path before you. Ask questions. Offer your own advice. Find future team members. Talk to us.

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Scale Your Impact Startup


Start today.

Follow our 100 hours plan.

Control your own future.